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When you need to get information out to a large number of clients, you want to make this distribution as cost-effective as possible. For regular mailings, you want to be able to provide a complete price list (with the occasional specifications on any new products) to every business who works with you. These files are often of an awkward size--too large to simply e-mail, but hardly able to take up an entire CD.

For these needs, buy floppy disks from There's no need for you to buy more data capacity than you're going to use, so find the package that fits the product. A floppy disk will hold your documents securely, minimizing the possibility of corruption in transit, and save you money compared to the cost of CDs or DVDs.

What's more, when you order from, we can duplicate all your files directly on to your disks and label them. Our turnaround on orders is one business day, so the day after you place your order it will be on its way to you. Our duplication process is guaranteed for reliability, so you don't have to worry about any mix-ups or data errors, either.

For great price, quick turnaround, and quality of reproduction, there's no better choice than We have years of experience in data duplication, and we know that 3.5" floppy disks aren't obsolete yet, no matter what the computer companies are trying to make you believe. To find out more about our company or to get a free quote on your disk duplication order, call us today at (800) 397-7890 for more information!


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