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It can be especially hard for companies to stay competitive in the marketplace when they have to struggle to keep their data systems useable. Even industrial manufacturing devices, such as embroidery machines, use older disk systems that are often not to be found on modern machines. It can be hard to continue using these machines when it seems that it's near-impossible to find ways to put new data on the computers.

At, we specialize in data transfers and disk duplications on all sizes of computer disks. That means that even the most specific or out-of-fashion disk format can still be made useable by our conversion process. Even DS/DD disks from the early 80s, still used on many embroidery machines and other devices, can be produced with our disk duplicators.

With our reliable and speedy disk duplication, you can breathe new life into your old machines. There's no reason to let perfectly good machinery sit unused just because you can't get new information to it. Use our disk services to quickly get the right disks for your machine to keep them moving.

In the end, any time you let a machine that you paid for sit unused, you're wasting money. For the nominal investment in new DS/DD or other styles of disk, you can eliminate this waste, and turn your quiet machinery into profit. Call us today to learn more, or to place your order--which we can ship out to you the next business day after we get your data.


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