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When you're upgrading to a new computer, you don't want to lose any of the information on your old machine. Storing all your data on floppy disks has always been an affordable and efficient way to keep your memories and vital documents--until you buy a machine that doesn't have a disk drive! Thankfully, FloppyDisk.com is here for you, to transfer all your files from their old disks onto the more accessible CDs, error free.

There's no need to hassle yourself with juggling and storing disks that you can't access--especially if the information they contain is important to you. You can minimize clutter and maximize accessibility by sending your floppy files into FloppyDisk.com. We'll loyally transfer your data from floppy to CD, so that you have easy storage and access to all your information.

This is especially valuable when you're storing your business records on portable disks. You may have business records going back 20 or 30 years on diskette, and you never know when you'll need to dig them up. Send us your disks, and we'll send them back bundled with CDs that contain all the same information for you.

You can even send us data information over the Internet to expedite the process. Our average turnaround on data processing is about 24 hours, so we can have your CD in the mail the day after you send us your information. This makes it especially easy to make the change to new machines, because you never lose any access to your data, and you make a smooth transition to your new platforms.


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