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5.25 high density floppy disc

Use old non-functioning floppies for promotional purposes?

As low as 10 cents ea.


3.5 inch floppy drives.

Drives read and write 3.5 inch DS/HD 1.44 MB and DS/DD 720K disks.

New 3.5 inch floppy drive

teac floppy drive Professional Quality

New drive!  $29.95
1 Year Guarantee

sony mpf black NEW SONY MPF 920
Black Bezel


Refurbished 3.5 inch floppy drive

teac floppy drive TEAC FD-235

Pulled from working system.
Tested.  Guaranteed.

1 Year Guarantee

We also have used drives from Sony, Panasonic, Mitsumi and other.  
If you are looking for a specific drive, please call us at (800) 397-7890

Floppy cables are not included.

New 5.25 internal drive

mitsumi 5.25 drive NEW 5.25 Drive
Model D509V5


Priority Mail shipping $9.95
Floppy cables are not included.

5.25 inch drives are difficult to install.  We do not provide technical support for installation of these drives.

Most computers will not support a 5.25 inch drive.  Consequently, we recommend these drives ONLY for replacement of existing 5.25 drives.

5.25 drives may be returned for a refund, but are subject to a $25 restocking fee.

There is no USB drive for 5.25 floppy disks.

Our drives read and write 1.2 MB and 360K disks.

Need to read 5.25 floppies?

We'll read and transfer the data for you!
floppy transfer
Click here for info on our 5.25 floppy transfer service.

Does our 3.5 internal floppy drive fits your cable connectors?
Here is a picture of the back...

back of panasonic drive