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Thank you for your disk transfer order. 

Here are some tips to get the best result:


  • If you are sending more than one disk, please number the disks.  We will put the contents of each disk into a corresponding numbered folder on the USB drive.

  • No special packaging is needed, but please pack the disks so that they will not be physically damaged.

  • Please do not use packing peanuts, or other loose packing materials.

  • Please send your disks to us at:




    26439 Rancho Parkway South, Suite 155 

    Lake Forest CA 92630



Any questions, feel free to give us a call at (800) 397-7890, and thanks again for your order.



Want to know about on CNN:
Background on at Digital Trends:
Interview with the president of  The interview begins at minute 56 of the show:



Format instructions for floppy disks at 360K, 720K, or 1.2 MB  
Run "command" 
3.5  720K =  format a:/t:80 /n:9
5.25  360K =  format a:/t:40 /n:9
5.25  1.2MB =   format a:/t:80 /n:15
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