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External USB Floppy Drives

New--Professional Quality

Best USB floppy drive available. 

Reads 1.44 DS/HD and 720K DS/DD!

Dell Brand.  Professional Materials.

One Year Guarantee.


SALE $39.95!



SALE $19.95!

Tested in our facility.  Great Price!

Dell Brand.  Professional Materials.

One Year Guarantee.

  • Plug and Play."  No drivers needed for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista,  XP.

  • Mac OS X (Not El Capitan or later.).  Apple OS supports DS/HD only.

  • Powered by USB, no external power needed.

Internal 3.5" Floppy drives

Other brands and colors are available.  

For details, contact us at (800) 397-7890 or 




teac drive.png

We have a large supply
of 3.5 internal floppy drives.   
For details, please call us at

(800) 397-7890 or email  

New Internal 5.25" Floppy drive   

5.25 floppy disk drive 5 1/4

Used Tested 5.25 

Internal floppy drive.


Call for details.

Please note that these 5.25 floppy drives are intended as replacements for existing 5.25 drives.  It can be difficult or impossible to install these drives in a modern computer.  


Returns are subject to a $25 restocking fee.

Want an External USB Drives for 5.25 inch disks
Sorry, no such drive exists.  

But we can transfer files from 5.25 disks to a USB flash drive.

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