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USED DISKS:   We accept any quantity of diskettes.  If you send more than 200 disks, we pay shipping based on media mail rates.  

We buy lots from 100 to 100,000.  Call us (800) 397-7890 for a quote.

It's easy.  Just send your discs to:

Floppydisk Recycle Program
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If you send 200 or more disks, be sure to fill out our 
reimbursement form.

If you send fewer than 200 disks, we don't pay for shipping, but we've found that sending disks via media mail is an inexpensive way to send them to us.

Save the planet 1.44 MB at a time.


email: info@floppydisk.com
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26439 Rancho Parkway South,
Suite 155, Lake Forest CA 92630