Transfer files from Zip disks

Convert zip disk content to USB!  Get files, photos, documents and pictures off floppy or zip disks. We recover the files and transfer them to a free USB drive.  

  3 easy steps.

Step 1.  Select the type of disks you want transfered.  
Step 2.  Purchase the service and print the receipt.  
Step 3.  Send the disks and receipt to us:

26439 Rancho Parkway South,
Suite 155, Lake Forest CA 92630

Transfer 100/250/750 ZIP disks.
Windows or Mac
(Select number at checkout.)

$6.95 ea.

Transfer 3.5 inch Windows or DOS disks.  
(Select number at checkout.)

$1.95 ea.

Transfer 3.5 inch DS/HD Mac disks.
We don't transfer Mac DS/DD disks

(Select number at checkout.)

$4.95 ea.

Transfer 5.25 inch Windows or DOS disks.  
(Select number at checkout.)

$4.95 ea.

What about unreadable disks?

Our success rate is over 90%, but some disks are not readable.  We charge for the attempt to read these bad disks.  Here's why:  

We charge for our time, not for success.  Unreadable disks consume much more time than good disks.  In addition, unreadable disks can harm our diskette and zip reading equipment.

If we see problems with several disks, we'll contact you before we attempt to read additional disks.  That way you can decide whether you want us to proceed, or if you want us just to return the disks without any additional charge.

Here's the difference between DS/HD and DS/DD disks.  (800) 397-7890  

26439 Rancho Parkway S  #155

Lake Forest CA  92630